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Our Town Grant Program

​The Our Town grant program supports creative placemaking projects that help to transform communities into lively, beautiful, and resilient places – achieving these community goals through strategies that incorporate arts, culture, and/or design. Applications deadline September 11. Learn more and apply... Read more

Artists and Nonprofits Revitalize a Slice of Historic Providence

The Mercantile Block was nearly vacant when AS220—an organization dedicated to creating artist space in Providence since 1985—undertook a $16.9 million rehabilitation in 2008. With $10.4 million in historic tax credits and New Markets Tax Credits through the National Trust Community Investment Corporation, the idea was to supplement the adjacent Dreyfus Hotel building, where AS220 had restored an 1890 hotel for offices and artist space. Now, the Mercantile Block and the Washington Street corridor are thriving once again. Read more.... Read more

Public Art: The Feel-Good Hit That Makes Us Linger – and Spend Money

Art is an underestimated force that can have a significant impact on the economy – not so much from the direct expenditure on the art work itself, but on the increased revenue generated from more visitors, better productivity and free publicity that is attracted to the culture that art creates. Read more... Read more

Vacant Lot Transforms Into Sculpture Park in East Baltimore

Once a dumping ground for garbage, the vacant lot on Homestead Street in East Baltimore is now a beautiful sculpture park. Dubbed The Coldstream Homestead Montebello Sculpture Park, the new installment is part of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts (BOPA) and the Baltimore Office Baltimore Office of Sustainability’s Sustainability’s Growing Green Initiative’s Lots Alive grant program that supports the creation of temporary public art projects on vacant lots. Read more... Read more

Work Begins on Massive Detroit Mural by 92-Year-Old Artist

​ In Detroit, work began on a massive mural designed by 92-year-old legend Charles McGee. Titled “Unity,” it will cover a 118-by-50-foot space on the side of the 28 Grand at 28 Grand River Avenue, which will be a building of micro-apartments, about 260 square feet, with units set aside as affordable rentals. Once finished, the mural will be a sweeping vision in black and white of various abstract shapes and elements that might not appear cohesive at first glance.... Read more

Popular BART Art Installation Promotes Love Your Block Mini-Grant Program

The interactive BART Art Installation at Richmond Station — essentially a giant chalkboard — is always filled to the brim with messages from community members. The exhibit asking passersby to jot down how they would use $2,000 to improve their community, and also what they want to accomplish before they die, has attracted hundreds of responses since it went up late last month. The BART Art Installation operates as a promotion for the “Love Your Block” mini-grant program, which challenges... Read more

Artists Bring Slow, Neighborly Approach to Tackling Blight

When it comes to blight, block by block, creativity is often a good business proposition. Housing and Neighborhood Development Services, known as Hands, has been rehabilitating and redeveloping properties in Orange, New Jersey, since 1986. Hands trained people, many of them homeless, in carpentry, and rehabbed nearly 100 of the worst properties in a bid to change perception and spur development. It worked. More investment followed, and ValleyArts, an arts advocacy spin-off of Hands, was born. Together, they’ve worked to develop galleries,... Read more

Webinar: Integrating Art, Culture and Imagination into Walkability

This webinar will re-image various street fixtures and places together, and share examples on how underutilized or abandoned streets and spaces have been transformed into interactive parklets, Open Street events and pop-up events by incorporating the element of human interaction. Presenters will show you how adding music can change the way people respond to subway stairs, and many more examples of how adding “fun” to the streetscape can modify people’s behavior and encourage them to be more active. Register now... Read more

​Cross-Currents : Art + Learning Powering Creative Readiness

Need to acquire better skills to work with creatives, jumpstart your revitalization planning, or adopt and initiate more compelling programs and projects? Join national leaders in the visual and performing arts, philanthropy, education, and civic planning in cross-disciplinary seminars, workshops, and informal collisions to learn from one another and share effective artistic strategies for community growth. September 12-14 in Winston-Salem, NC. Register now... Read more
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