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Government’s Role Keeping Our Air Clean

​When faced with an envionmental issue that affects the health of your citizens, the economy of your region, and the sustainability of your development, how should state and local governments respond? Tune in on May 23 for a digital event exploring the case study behind how Utah, which grapples with one of the nation’s most vexing pollution problems, is working to keep its air clean and its citizens healthy. Hear from a coalition of state and local government leaders developing... Read more

Recommendations for Constructing Roadside Vegetation Barriers to Improve Near-Road Air Quality

This EPA report summarizes research findings on the best practices for building roadside vegetative barriers to improve air quality. These recommendations can be used by states, communities and individuals interested in reducing roadside pollution. Learn more... Read more

Is Mexico City Turning Into New York City?

​ Mexico City and New York City are North America’s two biggest urban hubs. But while New York has long been known for it’s majestic views of bridges, skyscrapers and open water, Mexico City has been shrouded by a thick cloud of smog. Over the last decade, however, as Mexico City has shifted away from dirty industry and embraced the construction of new office buildings for companies employing engineers, accountants, and financial professionals, Mexico’s capital has seen both its air... Read more

The Social Costs of Driving in Vancouver, in 1 Chart

An interactive tool, created by data journalism initiative Moving Forward and transport engineer George Poulos, estimates both individual and social costs of different ways of getting around the city of Vancouver. One chart gleaned from their calculations summarizes these costs, and it shows that driving is highly subsidized by society when you account for social costs such as air pollution, traffic congestion, and road safety. Read more... Read more