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Preparing for Aging Populations in America’s Cities

​The AARP and the U.S. Conference of Mayors released a report on how cities are preparing for their aging populations. The report summarizes the results of a survey of city leaders that tried to identify the resources, infrastructure, and policy changes that are needed to make cities more livable so that residents can choose to age in place. Learn more... Read more

How Neighborhoods Affect the Health and Well-Being of Older Americans

​Most Americans say they want to age in place in their own communities, but their health and ability to remain independent is shaped in part by their neighborhoods. Research finds that the social, economic, demographic, and physical characteristics of communities may influence older residents’ health and well-being. Learn more... Read more

Aging in Place: Integrating Health and Housing for Low-Income and Chronically Ill Seniors

This webinar from Community Catalyst will provide participants with an understanding of why an aging population requires more effective integration of housing and health care systems, an understanding of the impact that affordable housing has on older adults’ ability to live at home and in the community, and some promising practices at the local and state level to address this problem. Register now... Read more

The Future of Retirement Communities: Walkable and Urban

More older people these days are looking for a community where they can enjoy a full life without a car. In the age of the Fitbit and a growing cohort of active, engaged retirees eager to take their daily 10,000 steps, retirement communities have been slow to change. Enter a new paradigm: the walkable, urban space. It may range from existing neighborhoods in places like Brooklyn or San Francisco to newly built housing within city and suburban cores from coast... Read more

The Growing Imperative for Age-Friendly Communities

We hear a lot these days about the need to make communities smart and sustainable. But there’s another aspect of our communities that is getting more and more attention, not only from forward-looking public officials but also in university studies and international conferences: preparing communities to be friendly for the unprecedented aging of their populations. Read more... Read more

Webinar: Livable Communities for All Ages, Jan. 14

To meet its commitment to creating great places for people of all ages, AARP has developed several resources that should be in the toolbox of any walking advocate. In this webinar from America Walks and AARP, AARP’s Jeanne Anthony will walk participants through two AARP resources, the Livability Index and the Livable Economy: People, Places and Prosperity Report. Following, hear how one local organization is using both in their efforts to make walkable communities a reality for people aged 8... Read more