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Tackling Gentrification and Displacement in Creating Vibrant Communities

​As advocates for active transportation and connected mobility options, these pillars are essential to our work and it is important that we continue to explore ways they come together in developing healthy, active, and engaged communities. By doing so, we create opportunities for new jobs, economic vitality, and community cohesion. This webinar assumes a basic knowledge of issues related to walking and walkability. Learn more and register... Read more

Assessment of the New Jersey Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program

​While recent news reports have highlighted the low number of affordable housing projects using federal tax credits that are built in high-opportunity areas, a recent examination by New Jersey Future has found that strategic changes in the way federal funds are allocated for affordable housing in the state have meant that many more affordable housing projects have been directed away from high-poverty neighborhoods and toward areas that offer greater economic opportunity. Read more... Read more

Why Small Will Soon Be Large

​ Cities around the U.S. are grappling with skyrocketing rents and home prices – and increasingly looking to accessory dwelling units (ADUs) for relief. These small homes built in the backyards, attics and basements of single-family houses can offer solutions to cities facing steeply rising rents, displacement, and the pollution that is changing our planet’s climate. Read more... Read more

From NIMBY to YIMBY: Making a More Compelling Case for Housing

​ Overcoming neighborhood opposition is often the highest hurdle facing developers of affordable housing, but a new wave of advocates and grass-roots groups—sometimes called YIMBYs for “yes in my backyard”—are working to build community support for new affordable housing. Read more... Read more

Affordable Housing: Now Brought to You by Chipotle

Denver recently met a five-year affordable housing goal one year ahead of schedule, but the city still has a long way to go. With this in mind, the Mayor recently announced a rent “buy-down” program, in which the city will purchase empty high-end apartments and then subsidize their rents for lower-income families. The plan is for local corporations and foundations to help make up the difference, and the first corporate partner is already in place: Chipotle. Read more... Read more
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