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Using Active Transportation and CSS to Enhance Livability in Rural Communities and Small Towns

​This webinar from the Federal Highway Administration, in partnership with Project for Public Spaces and Sevatec, will highlight strategies to improve livability and connectivity in rural communities and small towns through collaborative efforts to create economic development opportunities, and promote multimodal accessibility. Register now... Read more

Why It Will Take More Than Light Rail to Fix U.S. Transit

The way we approach transportation in American cities is at a turning point. Since the 1940s, transportation engineers and planners designed transportation networks with seemingly one goal in mind: to move vehicles as quickly as possible. Trends signal a transition away from an outdated model focused on moving vehicles to a new approach focused maximizing accessibility. Yet as cities and regions look to design an access-first model, they will need to fundamentally change their approach to transportation, urban planning and... Read more

Milwaukee Bike-Share Teams Up With Housing Authority on System Expansion

Milwaukee’s Bublr bike-share system launched two years ago with a mere 10 stations. But it is gradually expanding, and by the end of this year, officials are looking to have 58 stations in operation. With a $62,000 grant from People for Bikes’ Better Bike Share program, Bublr aims to ensure its growing system is accessible regardless of people’s income. Read more... Read more

7 Ways to Make Communities More Livable for People With Vision or Hearing Impairments

​For a person with diminished or no vision or hearing, the first steps to a livable community are literally safe steps. Being able to securely navigate sidewalks, cross streets and ride public transportation are keys to independence and mobility. Public spaces that take the varied needs of visitors into account empower and encourage all sorts of people to get out and about. This article outlines some tools and technologies communities can use to help meet the needs of people of... Read more

All Transit Tool

AllTransit, developed by the Center for Neighborhood Technology (with funding support from TransitCenter) is the largest source of transit connectivity, access, and frequency data in America. It offers tremendous potential for planning applications to increase understanding of the value of transit, as well as to enhance service and operations planning. For more information... Read more

​Accessibility and Centrality Based Estimation of Urban Pedestrian Activity

This study attempts to predict pedestrian activity at 1,123 intersections in Minneapolis, MN, using scalable and transferable variables. Accessibility to jobs by walking and transit, automobile traffic, and accessibility to certain job categories (Education, Finance) were found to be significant predictors of increased pedestrian traffic, while accessibility to other job categories (Management, Utilities) were found to be significant predictors of decreased pedestrian traffic. Read full report... Read more