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The AARP Pop-Up Demonstration Tool Kit

​Inspiring livability advancements are taking place in tiny villages, sprawling suburbs and large city centers. But permanent, large-scale changes can be difficult to launch. That’s why pop-up demonstration projects — temporary bike lanes, protected intersections, crosswalks, parklets, sidewalk cafes, plazas, benches, street trees and more — are such valuable tools. When it’s possible to illustrate a new idea through the temporary pop-up installation or demonstration, a proposal or desired enhancement can be more quickly understood, supported and achieved. The AARP... Read more

Preparing for Aging Populations in America’s Cities

​The AARP and the U.S. Conference of Mayors released a report on how cities are preparing for their aging populations. The report summarizes the results of a survey of city leaders that tried to identify the resources, infrastructure, and policy changes that are needed to make cities more livable so that residents can choose to age in place. Learn more... Read more

AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit

The AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit is designed to help individuals, groups and local leaders assess the walkability of the sidewalks and streets in their community. The toolkit provides step-by-step instructions and checklists for examining intersections, sidewalks, driver behavior, public safety and more. The documented results can be shared with elected officials and other local leaders when advocating for such safe streets features as sidewalks, crosswalks and properly-timed traffic lights. Learn more... Read more

How to Make Land-Use Policies Better for Women, Families, Caregivers and Older Adults

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) published a new interview titled, “How to Make Land-Use Policies Better for Women, Families, Caregivers, and Older Adults.” In the interview, urban planning professor Mildred Warner addresses ways to make everyday living less stressful for vulnerable populations by improving land-use policies. Read more... Read more

AARP Livable Communities National Conference Call for Proposals

​AARP is hosting a conference about creating livable communities for people of all ages, and they are accepting session proposals. Session topics should broadly fit the conference theme and fit into one of the three tracks: Transportation: Solutions and Innovations, The AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities: Promising Practices, or Livable Communities: Programs, Policies and Insights. Session proposals are due July 22. Learn more... Read more

7 Ways to Make Communities More Livable for People With Vision or Hearing Impairments

​For a person with diminished or no vision or hearing, the first steps to a livable community are literally safe steps. Being able to securely navigate sidewalks, cross streets and ride public transportation are keys to independence and mobility. Public spaces that take the varied needs of visitors into account empower and encourage all sorts of people to get out and about. This article outlines some tools and technologies communities can use to help meet the needs of people of... Read more

In a Livable Community: The Printable Download

The formula for what makes a community livable isn’t particularly complex. For the most part, the features and needs are fairly simple, as illustrated in this new graphic from AARP (available in five languages). Take a look... Read more

Webinar: Livable Communities for All Ages, Jan. 14

To meet its commitment to creating great places for people of all ages, AARP has developed several resources that should be in the toolbox of any walking advocate. In this webinar from America Walks and AARP, AARP’s Jeanne Anthony will walk participants through two AARP resources, the Livability Index and the Livable Economy: People, Places and Prosperity Report. Following, hear how one local organization is using both in their efforts to make walkable communities a reality for people aged 8... Read more
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