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What is a Livable Community, Anyway?

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The livable city is the five or 10-minute walk from the tavern where you’ve had a few drinks with friends back home. DUI is not a fear in the livable city.

Livable communities are improved by diversity and proximity.

Business Proposal And Business Plan A festive place. A community with public spaces designed for events offers more opportunity to celebrate with your neighbors. These public spaces are active 365 days a year—not just during special occasions—because they are surrounded by active buildings and neighborhoods. Buy An Essay Paper Online A healthy place. The livable town puts exercise into you daily life, making you and your family healthier without a membership to a gym. The livable city allows children to walk to school, getting the arms and legs moving at the beginning and end of the school day. A livable town has parks and playgrounds that people of all ages can walk to. In a livable community the children play—at least sometimes—without the parents setting up a “play date.” A livable community has access to locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables—usually offered at an outdoor farmer’s market. A livable community supports social connections and mental health.

Quality Content Writing Services A place for chance encounters. A livable community is one where you see the doctor, school teacher, or plumber at the park, grocery store, or a community event. They know who you are and greet you. People get to know one another in many ways. This quality may seem less important in the era of Facebook and Twitter, but it is more important than many of us realize. Nothing will ever replace real-world encounters.

Cialis Soft Usa Value. The art of mixing uses in proximity creates value, promotes commerce, and meets a growing market demand.

Livable communities are closer, physically, to the neighborhoods where your grandparents were raised than to the isolated techno-utopia of the Jetsons (where is my jet-pack, by the way?). Livable communities look more like what a child would create if you asked them to build a village, neighborhood, or main street from blocks. Livable communities are hard-wired into the human race. (Self-driving cars will not change that).

Livable communities are real communities.


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