Revitalizing Neighborhoods and Engaging Youth

Faculty and staff from the University of Michigan Prevention Research Center and the Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center have worked with partners in the Flint and Genesee County communities for over two decades. Over the past few years, Flint has been front and center in the news because of high rates of crime and violence, and more recently the water crisis. What we see in the news, however, doesn’t tell the story of the tremendous efforts and successes of community... Read more

Expanding the Economic Recovery to All Americans Through Smarter Growth: Recommendations for the Incoming Administration

One of the biggest challenges for the incoming administration is making the economy work for low- and middle-income workers and households. Smart Growth America’s short guide of federal policy recommendations, organized into five main goals, is designed to help the next administration accomplish just that by: Creating more housing choices, connecting Americans to opportunity by providing more transportation choices, empowering local communities, investing in existing communities, and making smarter, more cost-effective investments. Read report... Read more

The State of Health Impact Assessment in Planning

This American Planning Association report provides an overview of Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) in planning, a description of the HIA process, and snapshots from an in-depth study of 27 planning HIAs. The report concludes with five case studies that demonstrate the diversity of planning HIAs, highlights effective strategies for conducting HIA, and shares lessons learned from the process. Read report... Read more

Planning for Transportation Together: Collaborating to Address Transportation and Economic Resilience

Across the nation, state agencies and regional planning and development organizations are working together and with other partners to create jobs, improve access to employment, education, and essential services, and to advance quality of life in communities and regions. This report from the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) presents case studies that demonstrate how state agencies and regional planning and development organizations are working together on deliberate interventions to produce tangible benefits that are specific to the context, are... Read more

State Hazard Mitigation Planning Key Topics Bulletins: Mitigation Capabilities

This FEMA document provides a framework states can use to inventory and assess their hazard mitigation capabilities, including the authorities, policies, programs, staff, funding, and other resources available to accomplish mitigation and reduce long-term vulnerability. The bulletin also provides approaches for analyzing local and tribal mitigation planning capabilities for incorporation into the State Mitigation Plan. Read more... Read more

2016 Recreational Trails Program Annual Report

This Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) report documents how States use Recreational Trails Program (RTP) funds, highlights program funding, administration, and the RTP Database; and illustrates eligible project types along with project examples. Read report... Read more

Subdivision Design and Flood Hazard Areas Guide

Sustainability, resilience and climate change are top of mind for planners and floodplain managers, but when it comes to subdivision design, those concepts haven’t hit home. The result? Catastrophic flood damage. Subdivision Design and Flood Hazard Areas is a guide to best floodplain planning practices for subdivision design. Readers will find tools to end the build-damage-rebuild cycle, save lives, protect property, and lay the foundation for a better, drier future. Read report... Read more

Demographic Strategies for Real Estate

Rising numbers of female executives, affluent immigrants, younger and older workers, and retirees will have a profound influence on community building in the U.S. over the next ten years, according to this new Urban Land Institute (ULI) report. The report identifies several key trends related to demographics and household formation that will affect real estate investment and development through 2025. According to the report, these key demographic drivers present lucrative opportunities for real estate professionals. Read report... Read more
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