Freeway Lids: Reconnecting Communities and Creating New Land for Development

Rendering of a potential lid project at a key site along the I-94 corridor between Minneapolis and St. Paul (Credit: Metropolitan Design Center)

‚ÄčInterstate 94, which connects Minneapolis and St. Paul, had a devastating impact on urban neighborhoods when it was completed in 1968. Fifty years later, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has launched an initiative to redevelop the aging interstate to serve communities as well as cars. MnDOT has proposed building freeway lids at key sites along the I-94 corridor to reestablish street grids and neighborhood connectivity. ULI Minnesota created a comprehensive vision that leverages the power of freeway lids to accomplish several goals: reconnect communities, create economic opportunities for residents, and make new land available for civic and commercial uses.

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