Fostering Smart Growth in Rural Communities

The vitality of rural communities has become a focus of national debate as policymakers and stakeholders pursue strategies to create more jobs in rural areas. The success of these efforts will depend upon political will, capacity building and workforce development.

In this Smart Growth Network webinar, Kendra Briechle of the Conservation Fund looks at how rural communities are carrying out smart growth principles by investing in their downtowns, expanding transportation choices, creating economic opportunities and protecting the cultural and natural resources of rural landscapes. The Conservation Fund partners with communities nationwide to complete livability assessments and apply a range of tools to help enhance their quality of life. This webinar explains these approaches and highlights success stories in Colorado, Michigan, Oregon and South Carolina.


Kendra Briechle is Manager for Community and Economic Development at the Conservation Fund in Arlington, Virginia. She forges on-the-ground conservation solutions by developing balanced economic and environmental results that meet the needs of diverse professionals.

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