Webinar: Leveraging Resources for Brownfields Revitalization, July 26

​This is the first in U.S. EPA Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization’s (OBLR) webinar series exploring what communities need to know to leverage resources to meet their brownfields revitalization challenges. This webinar will discuss available tools and focus on Dubuque, Iowa’s, efforts to leverage its own resources to attract other federal, state, public and private sources of funding and technical assistance. July 26 from 1-2:30 p.m. EST. Learn more and register... Read more

CitiesAlive: 14th Annual Green Roof & Wall Conference, Nov. 1-4

Join green roof and wall industry leaders in North America’s foremost city for green roof policy and implementation – Washington, D.C. – for the 14th Annual CitiesAlive Conference. This year’s conference will highlight advancements in living architecture design, research and policy, with a focus on stormwater management. November 1 – 4 in Washington, DC. Learn more and register... Read more

CDFA Summer School, August 8-12

CDFA (Council of Development Finance Agencies) Summer School is a week long series of courses presented by the CDFA Training Institute. CDFA Summer School will offer five different training courses including Fundamentals of Economic Development Finance, Intro Bond Finance, Intro Tax Credit Finance, Advanced Tax Increment Finance, and Advanced Bond Finance. August 8-12 in Baltimore, Maryland. Learn more and register... Read more

Investing in People and Place: Building Wealth and Equity to Advance the Equitable Development Agenda, July 20

In this webinar from Groundwork USA, three practitioners will discuss how their programs aimed at wealth building, job placement, job training and creation, and support for small businesses and social enterprises are making tangible impacts in everyday lives, helping long-marginalized families keep pace with place-based investments in their neighborhoods, and advancing equitable development in long-marginalized communities. July 20 from 1:30 – 3 p.m. EST. Learn more... Read more

Webinar: Developing Leadership for Walkable Communities, June 30

​In this America Walks webinar, Guy Williams, a national leader in environmental justice, will recall his experiences in the early days of the environmental justice movement and describe his realization that certain people suffer injustices related to where they live, because rules were set up that way. He will explain that to improve outcomes you need to understand the regulatory framework and then work with allies and non-allies to change it. June 30 at 2 p.m. EST. Learn more and... Read more

Webinar: Grading the Walking Movement, July 12

​America Walks, in partnership with the Safe Routes to School National Partnership and YMCA of the USA, recently released 2016 State Report Cards. The report cards provide a snapshot of how supportive each state is of walking, bicycling, and physical activity for children and adults. Attendees will learn about the development of the report cards and hear from two YMCAs on how they plan to use the information. July 12 at 1 p.m. EST. Learn more and register... Read more

Webinar: Planning for a Healthier Future, June 22

​Transportation For America is releasing a resource next week to help metro areas use performance measures to improve public health, address social equity concerns, and advance environmental quality. Join this online discussion about the new report, including firsthand experience from some of the metro regions that participated in a related two-year collaborative. June 22 at 4:00 p.m. EST. Learn more and register... Read more

Capital Ideas II: Raising Money for Transportation Through Innovative State Legislation, Nov. 16-17

Transportation for America and the Sacramento Area Council of Governments invite you to the second Capital Ideas conference. This conference will offer a detailed, interactive curriculum of best practices, campaign tactics, innovative policies and peer-to-peer collaboration to help your initiative succeed — whether you are just beginning a funding campaign, fighting to advance smart policy changes, or defending a key legislative win. November 16-17 in Sacramento, California. Learn more... Read more

Amazing Place: Six Cities Using the New Recipe for Economic Development, June 28

​More and more companies want vibrant neighborhoods with affordable housing options, restaurants, nightlife and other amenities in walking distance, and a range of transportation options for their employees. If tax breaks were the old way to do economic development, creating great places is the new way. On Tuesday, June 28, Smart Growth America will release Amazing Place: How Six Cities are Using the New Recipe for Economic Development. Join the kickoff webinar 1-2 p.m. on June 28. Learn more and... Read more
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