Keeping a Bike Plan in High Gear: Montgomery County’s Public Engagement Plan

Conducting a long-term master plan can be demanding. Keeping the public engaged for more than two years can be difficult. How do you keep your stakeholders actively involved after the initial rush of outreach efforts winds down? How do you keep your plan’s outreach exciting and relevant while also building a bicycling community? Montgomery County Planning Department’s Bicycle Master Plan is proving that engagement can meet people where they are, using interesting, inviting, and integrated outreach. Read more... Read more

Congress for the New Urbanism: Building Places People Love

Campus Martius in Detroit (Credit: @CNUMidwest /Twitter)
The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) is an international nonprofit organization working to create vibrant and walkable cities, towns, and neighborhoods, where people have diverse choices for how they live, work, shop and get around. Through 25 years of advocacy, CNU has changed the national conversation from a debate over sprawl to a discussion on how to reinvest in our existing communities. People want to live in well-designed places that are unique, authentic and walkable. CNU’s mission is to help people... Read more

Dick & Rick: A Visual Primer for Social Impact Design

The Equity Collective, a group of practitioners in the community-engaged design field, created a tongue-in-cheek storybook that shines a light on how good community-engaged design practices can not only create good projects, but also advance social justice, and how poor practices are hurting not only the field, but the communities it claims to serve. Go to guidebook... Read more

Street Dreams: How Regular Citizens Beat Bureaucracy to Reshape Philadelphia

​In Philadelphia, many pedestrian, bicycle and recreational amenities were born from resident-driven ideas. PlanPhilly and SPOKE explore what it takes for citizen-driven projects to succeed, what still frustrates these projects in Philly compared to peer cities, and lessons in advancing change. Read more... Read more
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