From NIMBY to YIMBY: Making a More Compelling Case for Housing

​ Overcoming neighborhood opposition is often the highest hurdle facing developers of affordable housing, but a new wave of advocates and grass-roots groups—sometimes called YIMBYs for “yes in my backyard”—are working to build community support for new affordable housing. Read more... Read more

Big Data Shows the Way to Healthier Playgrounds for All

​Currently, the state playgrounds in the U.S. is limited to colorful jungle gyms on rubber flooring, surrounded by fences; rarely do they attract children past elementary age. Adults spend their playground time primarily sedentary, passively observing, and the rare teen spotted in a playground is likely glued to a phone. It’s time to build playgrounds for all ages. Read more... Read more

America’s New Front Porches: Public Spaces

Today, our public spaces are America’s front porches: places in our communities where people can mix and mingle, swap stories, do business, flirt, even protest; and all the other things that humans do when they rub shoulders with one another. And we need them now as much as, or more than ever. Read more... Read more

Wichita Art Project Brings Fresh Look at the River

Ty ​Tabing’s, a citizen of Wichita, solution is “ArkArt,” a series of artist installations on the river that he hopes will draw curious visitors and inspire conversation about new ways the city might use the waterway and riverfront. Read more... Read more

Let’s Talk About Water

​Let’s Talk About Water is designed to help you create a framework and simple materials to guide these discussions and assist people in engaging deeply and productively with each other. Part of NAAEE’s Environmental Issues Forums series, Let’s Talk About Water provides a step-by-step guide to developing discussion materials to get your community deliberating about water issues. Learn more... Read more

Buffalo Centers Revitalization Dreams on Waterfront

​ Tree-lined streets, solid housing stock, a renewed interest in pedestrian and bicycle transportation, investments in people and buildings, and an enthusiasm for the future make “The City of Good Neighbors” a city to watch. Although a shrinking city — Buffalo reminds us that legacy cities are too valuable to pass by. Read more... Read more

Renewing and Reconnecting the Chicago River to Repurpose it From Sewer to Swimming Hole

​In 2015, Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Metropolitan Planning Council announced the Great Rivers Chicago effort. This city-wide visioning process is designed to develop a long-term plan to clean up and reintegrate into city life the three rivers of the Chicago system: the Chicago, Calumet and Des Plaines rivers. Read more... Read more
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