Public Housing Residents Ask the Crowd to Fund Sustainability Projects

​The Rockaway Youth Task Force has a long waiting list of families who want spots in its community garden, but more of those aspiring harvesters might be tending fresh veggies soon thanks to a new crowdfunding effort by the New York City Housing Authority. Read more... Read more

Amazon Could Just Have Its Own City

Tech companies have essentially turned some West Coast locales into company towns b​y bankrolling infrastructure, schools and libraries; but the city of Stonecrest, Georgia, is going a step further and has offered Amazon an actual company town to be named the City of Amazon. Read more... Read more

Green Streets Plan for Omaha

​Increasingly, when we think of streets as public spaces as well as conduits for motor vehicles, the needs of functionality and appearance coincide. The concept of Green Streets accomplishes a number of significant and desirable outcomes. Learn more... Read more

Arts, Culture and Transportation: A Creative Placemaking Field Scan

Arts, Culture and Transportation: A Creative Placemaking Field Scan is a national examination of creative placemaking in the transportation planning process. Released in partnership with ArtPlace America, this new resource identifies ways that transportation professionals can integrate artists to deliver transportation projects more smoothly, improve safety, and build community support. Learn more... Read more

From NIMBY to YIMBY: Making a More Compelling Case for Housing

​ Overcoming neighborhood opposition is often the highest hurdle facing developers of affordable housing, but a new wave of advocates and grass-roots groups—sometimes called YIMBYs for “yes in my backyard”—are working to build community support for new affordable housing. Read more... Read more
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