Transforming a ‘Barracks’ into a Neighborhood

Westlawn Gardens is a walkable community (Source: Torti Gallas and Partners)
Milwaukee’s Westlawn Gardens was once known as “barracks housing,” and known for being inefficient, undersized and isolated from surrounding neighborhoods. Today, thanks to support from the largest affordable tax credit award in Wisconsin history, Westlawn has been redeveloped with a mix of multifamily buildings, townhouses, and single-family homes for more than 300 residents. Read more... Read more

The Year in Housing: The Middle Class Can’t Afford to Live in Cities Anymore

(Nano Calvo / VWPics / Redux)
There’s a battle playing out on a neighborhood level in every growing city in America: between those who want to keep property values high, and those who want the chance to live in the cities that have the best economic prospects. The casualties in this war are mostly the middle class. In 2016, rents continued their years-long rise, incomes stratified further, and the average price to buy a home in major US cities rose. The strain pushed the middle class... Read more

Cultivating Development: Trends and Opportunities at the Intersection of Food and Real Estate

How can a focus on food within real estate projects translate into enhancements to health, environmental sustainability, and the bottom line? This Urban Land Institute (ULI) report explores the mutually beneficial relationship between food-based amenities—such as working farms, community gardens, food halls, restaurants, and grocery stores—and real estate. It highlights how the growing interest in and awareness of fresh, local food is spurring innovation in development projects. Read report... Read more

Housing in the Evolving American Suburb

(Source: ULI)
This report from the Urban Land Institute (ULI) classifies and compares suburbs in the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the United States and assesses the key issues that will shape suburban residential demand and development in the years ahead. The report points out that healthy regions and fully functioning housing markets require a range of housing choices for households of different backgrounds, means, desires, and stages of life. Read report... Read more

Portland Mayor Has a ‘Hard Message’ for Cities Like Seattle

Above is a historic Portland home, and below is a typical McMansion from New York that photographer Anthony Easton notes is far beyond the height and width of neighboring homes. (Michel Pittman, Anthony Easton / Flickr)
Portland is tweaking its approach to land management, specifically when it comes to housing. Mayor Hales notes that about 1,000 people are moving to his city each month. And those numbers add up. Meanwhile, the younger Portland population is tripling up in houses with roommates. On top of that, developers have shown a preference for tearing down homes that are considered part of the characteristic fabric of historic Portland. Portland is considering a change to its zoning codes called the... Read more
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