Local Innovation Makes Main Street a Town Square

​Main Street in Lyons, Nebraska, has suffered like the heart of many small towns across America as shops have closed—losing customers to declining population and replaced by distant big-box stores. With the ingenuity of a conceptual artist and built by local craftspeople in 2015, The Storefront Theater was installed in a vacant, brick façade, an innovation that continues to bring the community together. Read more... Read more

Making Space for Tiny Houses

​Tiny houses are attracting a lot of attention. Advocates often tout the affordability and environmental friendliness of living in very small homes. Meanwhile, skeptics and detractors see a passing fad and caution against embracing tiny houses as a distinct type of dwelling. The latest edition of PAS QuickNotes describes different types of tiny houses and explains how land-use and development regulations affect tiny-house living. Read more... Read more

Suburban Sprawl is Out. Smart Growth, Redevelopment, Transit Stations are In

The Census Bureau recently released new municipal population estimates, and the data confirm that a transformation is indeed happening in New Jersey. A number of our urban and built-out municipalities have experienced growth since the recession. Built-out places – which also tend to be the more compact, walkable, and transit-accessible places – have reversed decades of stagnation and sometimes outright population loss, and are now the primary drivers of growth in the post-recession era. Read more... Read more

Urban Farms Could Replace Blighted Lots in Cincinnati

Vacant homes and abandoned lots could soon make way for urban farmland under a new pilot being considered by the Cincinnati City Council. Rather than it being a burden on the city to have to pay to maintain vacant spots … give them to somebody that will maintain them and plant some fruits and vegetables. Read more... Read more

STAR Communities Leadership Program

STAR Communities announced the opportunity for U.S. cities, towns, and counties to participate in the Fall 2017 Leadership STAR Community Program. The one-year, all-inclusive Leadership Program is designed to help communities to baseline their current sustainability status by achieving STAR certification. Applications due August 4. Learn more and apply... Read more

New Market Tax Credits Had $550M Impact on Alabama

The New Market Tax Credit program had a $557.4 million impact on Alabama over a 10-year span, according to a recent report. The credits are designed to spur growth in low-income or rural areas across the U.S. that struggle to attract investment from other sources. More than 30 businesses and revitalization projects received NMTC financing in Alabama in that time span, which created 2,823 construction jobs and 3,036 full-time jobs, the New Markets Tax Credit Coalition’s 2017 progress report shows.... Read more
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