American Public Health Association: Connecting Health and the Built Environment

The American Public Health Association (APHA) is a 140-year-old nonprofit organization whose central goal, and challenge, is to create the healthiest nation in one generation. To do so, APHA promotes health in all policies by building partnerships, coalitions and connections with people outside of the public health community, such as transportation professionals, land use and community planners, equity advocates and design professionals.... Read more

Partner Spotlight on the Center for Neighborhood Technology: Creating Data-Driven Tools for Sustainable Communities

By Cristina Davia –  The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT), a non-profit organization founded in 1978, works to create sustainable cities that are transit-oriented, equitable and provide economic development opportunities for everybody. CNT’s approach to creating such places is through researching and analyzing urban problems, testing and promoting economically efficient and environmentally sound solutions, and demonstrating the value of investing in sustainable solutions. Transit-Oriented Development CNT promotes transit as a preferable and sustainable transportation choice. CNT works to reduce automobile dependency and... Read more

Partner Spotlight on Enterprise Community Partners: Promoting Equity and Opportunity through Affordable Housing

By Cristina Davia –  Enterprise & The Housing Insecurity Crisis The United States is in the midst of a housing insecurity crisis. What does it mean to be housing insecure? To Enterprise Community Partners, it means people are spending more than 50 percent of their income on housing costs alone, or are homeless. And it’s a huge problem.  About 19 million households across the country are housing insecure, according to Michael Spotts, a senior analyst-project manager at Enterprise Community Partners.... Read more

The Trust for Public Land Fights Climate Change, Many Cities at a Time

By Cristina Davia –  The Trust for Public Land (TPL) is a nonprofit organization that creates parks and protects land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. Since 1972, TPL has helped generate more than $34 billion to support state and local conservation efforts, completed more than 5,000 conservation projects and protected more than 3 million acres nationwide. Today, TPL continues to work in innovative ways. As climate change becomes a widely recognized and pressing issue, mitigation strategies... Read more

NADO: Building Resiliency in Small Town America

The National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) is a membership association of nearly 400 regional development organizations (RDOs), a term used to describe multi‐jurisdictional, public‐based regional planning and development organizations. Most NADO members hail from small metropolitan and rural regions. RDOs improve quality of life by promoting economic and community development through place-based strategies in the areas of housing, transportation, infrastructure, main street redevelopment, workforce development, entrepreneurship, disaster resilience and other sectors. RDOs are typically governed by a policy board consisting... Read more
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