Amazon Could Just Have Its Own City

Tech companies have essentially turned some West Coast locales into company towns b​y bankrolling infrastructure, schools and libraries; but the city of Stonecrest, Georgia, is going a step further and has offered Amazon an actual company town to be named the City of Amazon. Read more... Read more

Could White Roads Help Make Texas Summers Less Sweltering?

​In Los Angeles, California, the city is spending $40,000 per mile to paint some roads white in an attempt to lower their temperature. The grayish-white seal coat is applied by workers with a squeegee, and is dry a day later. It reflects solar rays instead of absorbing them, as black asphalt and concrete do, thus reducing the temperature of painted roads by as much as 30 degrees. Read more... Read more

Future of Global Waterfronts Is More Mixed Uses, Cleaner Air and Water

Waterfront management is one of the most pressing issues that any city near a substantial body of water can confront. Judith Rodin, president emeritus at the Rockefeller Foundation, delivered the event’s keynote address, noting that since that foundation’s Resilient Cities initiative began in 2013, 80 percent of the participating 1,100 cities have identified water as a significant vulnerability. The cities have also recognized that traditional methods of handling the issue are inadequate.​ Read more... Read more

Save a Main Street Near You: Partners in Preservation 2017

​From Boston to Birmingham, 25 historic Main Street districts across America have the opportunity to receive $2 million in grants—decided by public vote—in 2017. The National Trust has joined with American Express, National Geographic, and Main Street America for Partners in Preservation: Main Streets, a community-based campaign to raise awareness about the importance of preserving America’s Main Street districts. Learn more and vote... Read more

In This N.C. Town, a Model for Rebuilding Is Taking Shape

​As Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas in late August, a group of architects, landscape architects, designers, emergency management professionals, first responders and community members huddled into a county administration building to talk hurricane recovery. The group wasn’t in Houston, they were more than 1,000 miles away, in Princeville, North Carolina. Read more... Read more
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