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From Rails to Trails: Turning Rail Corridors into Public Spaces

The National Trails System Act, adopted in 1983, has helped preserve and restore thousands of miles of rail corridors that would have otherwise been abandoned. Instead, old tracks be can be turned into parks, nature trails, cycle paths and public gardens that offer a much-welcomed green pocket at the heart of fully urbanized communities. Read more... Read more

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s A Floating Zone

​According to the American Planning Association, a “floating zone” is a zoning district that “delineates conditions” rather than the more traditional use classifications that are typically found on zoning maps. While a floating zone is contained in a zoning code, it is only added to the zoning map after a project seeking that designation is approved. Thus, it “floats” in the zoning code until it is used for a particular project. Read more... Read more

Using Form-Based Codes to Create Vibrant, Walkable Communities

This Smart Growth Network webinar explains how communities are using form-based codes to create vibrant, walkable places. Chris Zimmerman of the Form-Based Codes Institute and Smart Growth America draws upon his experience in Arlington, Virginia to explain what form-based codes are, how they work and, most importantly, why they matter to planners and public officials who want to create walkable communities. Arlington County used FBC as part of an effort to transform Columbia Pike from an auto-oriented corridor into a lively Main Street... Read more

Local Innovation Makes Main Street a Town Square

​Main Street in Lyons, Nebraska, has suffered like the heart of many small towns across America as shops have closed—losing customers to declining population and replaced by distant big-box stores. With the ingenuity of a conceptual artist and built by local craftspeople in 2015, The Storefront Theater was installed in a vacant, brick façade, an innovation that continues to bring the community together. Read more... Read more
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